Pacific Coast Companies are service based companies that are dedicated to caring for plants, people, properties, and the planet, in everything we do.

We are committed to using processes and products that protect, preserve and replenish the people we work with, the properties we maintain, and the planet we love.

Here’s how we show our love for the environment through our use of sustainable and regenerative practices:


  • We prune out the lowest percentage of leaves necessary to accomplish the goal. More leaves=more rainwater capture and more oxygen production.
  • We use plant-based engine and bar oil in our chainsaws.
  • We have kept millions of pounds of mulch out of landfills over the years.
  • We proactively seek out and protect active bird nests.


    • ZERO CHEMICALS: We use only plant-based, non-toxic weed and insect control!
    • ZERO TWO-CYCLE FUEL: We use battery operated small tools!
    • REDUCED NOISE: Our equipment is not only non-polluting, it is quieter as well!


    • We restore soil health and biodiversity so it can better sustain life and process the excess carbon being generated nowadays.
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